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Meyers’ Adam Peek Releases eBook to Help Brands Navigate Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (April 25, 2024)—Meyers, a leader in sustainable packaging, has announced the release of a new eBook authored by packaging and sustainability expert Adam Peek. The eBook is designed to help brands understand and navigate the complex landscape of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, which is increasingly impacting the packaging industry. 

As environmental sustainability gains global momentum, governments worldwide are enforcing stricter regulations to hold producers accountable for the entire lifecycle of their packaging materials. With the packaging industry facing unprecedented changes and challenges, it has become essential for brands to stay informed and compliant with evolving EPR legislation. 

Adam Peek’s eBook offers a comprehensive guide for brands to navigate these complexities. It breaks down EPR regulations and provides practical insights to help companies stay compliant and improve sustainability. “We 100% understand how crucial it is to help brands on their sustainability and compliance journey,” says Adam Peek, SVP of Sales at Meyers. “Think of this eBook as your roadmap through the twists and turns of packaging EPR regulations. It’s all about making sure brands can roll with the punches and come out stronger in this ever-shifting landscape.” 

The eBook addresses the real-world implications of EPR for brands, from operational adjustments and supply chain considerations to consumer perceptions. By addressing key challenges and identifying opportunities for EPR compliance, brands can position themselves for success and contribute meaningfully to environmental stewardship. 

“Meyers is committed to driving positive change within the packaging industry,” says Michael Dillon, Chief Revenue Officer at Meyers. “This eBook is another example of Meyers striving to give brands the tools and know-how to handle the ever-changing environment, and find better sustainable solutions for their packaging.” 

“A Guide to Packaging EPR” is now available for download here. For more information about Meyers and its sustainability initiatives, visit 


Meyers, exists to create a sustainable future for people, products, and the planet. Meyers makes that happen by creating sustainable packaging, labels, and retail displays. Recognized for its commitment to sustainability and treating everyone like family, the company has grown from a small print shop when it was founded in 1949, to an internationally respected business that works with global and emerging brands throughout the U.S. With a focus on the Food and Beverage, Health, Beauty and Cosmetics, and Sports and Outdoors industries, Meyers creates packaging, labels, and retail displays for companies including Hormel, Frito-Lay, Estee Lauder, Ulta Beauty, Saucony, Microsoft, and many more. Meyers reached its goal of powering 100 percent of its operations using carbon-free electricity sources by the end of 2021, and in April 2022 pledged to being carbon neutral within its operations by 2024. For more information visit 


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