Conductive Ink Printer

Why choose Meyers for your conductive ink printing?


Scale your business by using our highly cost-effective roll-to-roll process to manufacture your printed electronics parts. 


We will work with you to design effective solutions and develop a scalable process with a keen eye toward speed to market. 


The world’s foremost technical, medical, and aerospace companies trust us with their conductive ink screen and flexographic printing.  

Meyers’ Function47

Conductive Ink Printing

Ready to explore the endless potential of printing with conductive ink? Click below to visit our website dedicated to Meyers’ conductive ink division, Function47. Discover how our team of experts can collaborate with you to bring your ideas to reality.

About Our Roll-to-Roll Printed Electronics Expertise

Conductive Ink Printer

Engineering a custom manufacturing process specifically tailored to your products and your requirements is not easy. That’s why leading aerospace, medical device, and electronics brands work with Meyers. We’re not just any conductive ink printer. Our in-house engineering team will help you evaluate your production methods to ensure you can meet your specifications at scale. Our team’s expertise extends to general, electrical, and mechanical engineering, so we can appreciate all facets of your requirements and understand your application. We focus on the custom solutions necessary to deliver the most bold and innovative products. If you are looking for a component that does not exist on the open market and you need it made at scale, we are the partner for you.   

From POC to Production

Creating a successful proof of concept (POC) is a huge step in the product development cycle. We’re here to make sure you’re even more successful while scaling up the production of your printed electronic components. We’ve walked this path with some of the most well-known technology companies on the planet and we’re excited to continue helping new companies transition from POCs to high-volume production.  

Most printed electronics are made with conductive inks leverage etching and flatbed screen printing for a POC and continue using those techniques in low-volume production. As production ramps up, companies typically find that etching and flatbed screen printing have major limitations at higher volumes. Instead, you need a roll-to-roll printed electronics manufacturing partner to continue growing your operations. Because of its throughput capacity, roll-to-roll is optimal for producing high volumes cost-effectively. Our roll-to-roll processes include highly accurate, tight tolerance converting, and die-cutting. 

The engineering team and manufacturing facility are conveniently located in Minneapolis, bringing the many benefits of working with domestic suppliers. And, since we offer both screen and flexographic roll-to-roll conductive ink printing services, we can help you understand the best path forward, build that process, and execute that manufacturing process, all under one roof. 

Client Testimonials

“You guys are one of our foremost suppliers.”

Leading Aerospace Company

“We bring these opportunities to Meyers because of the trust they’ve built over years of working together.”

Leading Medical Products Company


For those interested in exploring our conductive ink and advanced converting capabilities, we invite you to visit Function47, a division of Meyers. There, you can delve deeper into the extensive range of information about our expertise in printed electronics and functional components. Discover how our cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions can meet your specific needs in various industries. Contact us here

Function47, a division of The Meyers Printing Companies, is dedicated to creating innovative printed electronics and functional components. We specialize in printing with conductive inks. The components we create are primarily used within the aerospace, life sciences, and automotive industries.

Our team manufactures functional components using multiple types of conductive ink printing, including screen printing and flexographic printing. 

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