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Walmart Requirements

We at Meyers understand the value and challenges of converting RFID labels, including meeting the Walmart RFID requirements. That’s why we provide a wide range of options that will seamlessly fit your brand. With our expertise in RFID technology, we offer a convenient and efficient solution to integrate RFID into your product labeling process. Whether you require specific design elements, unique adhesives, or other features, we will tailor your labels to match your branding perfectly. Trusting Meyers ensures minimal effort compliance with Walmart’s RFID requirements while preserving the integrity and identity of your products.


We have the expertise and capabilities to produce custom labels, including embedded RFID options, that fully comply with Walmart’s requirements. And, we have the equipment to produce high-quality products at the scale you need.

RFID label pinting


We’ve been producing labels and cards with RFID technology for nearly 20 years. With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in RFID technology, we deliver top-notch solutions to meet your specific requirements.

RFID labels


Our team brings RFID technology experts to your brand, delivering solutions to meet your unique requirements. We also produce functional components for the world’s leading medical device and aerospace companies, so you can rest easy knowing your RFID labeling project is well within our technical know-how.

Label Solution Manufacturers

At Meyers, we take pride in offering high-quality label manufacturing services specifically designed to help you easily track and manage your inventory on a large scale. Additionally, our RFID product labels offer a unique branding opportunity. By utilizing our 2-in-1 solution, you can customize your labels with your company logo and branding, while seamlessly embedding the RFID technology within them.

Additionally, our experienced team works closely with you to ensure that the label design accurately represents your brand and effectively conveys important product information to your customers. With years of experience as a label printer, you can confidently trust us to provide you with solutions that precisely meet your specific business needs.

UHF RFID Label eBook

Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of RFID labels? Explore our eBook, a complimentary resource tailored for newcomers. It offers your brand insights into how Meyers can effortlessly integrate RFID technology into your labels.

Custom Printed RFID Product Labels

Meyers combines extensive experience in engineering and technology to deliver high-tech, custom RFID product labels tailored to your unique needs. Moreover, our expertise lies in customizing your labels to match your specific requirements. Meyers has a proven track record of success with leading medical, aerospace, and CPG companies.

As a trusted partner in the industry, we have solidified our position through a deep understanding of RFID technology and its applications. Additionally, we meticulously select stock material and carefully choose adhesives, face material, and liner material, providing a wide range of options to ensure the perfect label for your products.

Our custom solutions seamlessly integrate technology into your packaging, elevating your brand identity while offering valuable tracking and identification capabilities. Rest assured, Meyers leverages our engineering expertise and extensive experience to create custom labels that embody excellence and deliver unparalleled functionality through RFID technology.

RFID Label Converter

Meyers is your trusted label converter, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions that enhance your overall operational efficiency. Moreover, with our extensive experience and proven efficiency in handling large-scale label production, we seamlessly manage production at any volume.

Want fewer vendors? We simplify your supply chain processes by offering a streamlined solution, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. By consolidating all aspects of label creation under one roof, we ensure consistent quality, faster turnaround times, and seamless integration of RFID technology. Experience the benefits of our streamlined approach to RFID label conversion and enjoy a simpler path to success.

Embedded RFID Labels


Yes, At Meyers, we possess the expertise and capabilities to create custom and embedded RFID labels that align with the requirements of the Walmart mandate. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of RFID technology.

We are committed to assisting you in designing manufacturing processes and providing support as you finalize or update your custom or embedded RFID labels. If required, our team is available to visit your manufacturing facilities to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific processes. Furthermore, our account management, quality control, and client success teams are dedicated to delivering exceptional support and ensuring your satisfaction throughout the entire engagement.

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