November 21st, 2012

COMPETITION DETAILS: I am hoping to get the opportunity to go to Cardiff for the filming of Panda Eyes and I am in the process of organising the postage of some Russian Marie Claire magazines. I will take one of them down with me for Jonathan to sign and will run a competition so someone is given the opportunity to win one. It will be judged fairly and everyone who enters will be given a number and a random generator will pick one out.

All you have to do is tell me when you became a fan of his, how and why by emailing me at It’s as easy as that! If you have already entered via Twitter those entries will still be counted, if you tweet our account as of today with your entry I’m afraid it won’t be counted. Hopefully someone will receive an early christmas present!



  • Nov 21, 12caroline says:  

    i love this page. it always so much info on him.its nice to know i can go some where that keeps me up todate.

    thank you

  • Nov 22, 12lc says:  

    Hi! Where can I buy this magazine in the US? Thanks!

  • Nov 22, 12Helen says:  

    I have no idea as I emailed Marie Claire HQ about getting a couple of copies as I’m from the UK and they now have none left as they only received a few magazines themselves. Sorry!

  • Nov 22, 12Martina says:  

    Jonathan is the best male actor for me…I love watching him in films. He could play anyone and anzthing…I would like to see him in the film Last dazs of Freddie Mercury…

  • Nov 22, 12Martina says:  

    When I saw the shot for Energie, where Jonathan was making some pics, there I realised,that he is the only one ,who could realy play Freddie Mercury. He reminds me Freddie. And Jonathan would really act like him in excellent way. The last days of Freddie, when he knew, that he was ill, but he had to be strong to go on..It would be a great role for Jonathan..

  • Nov 22, 12Martina says:  

    If I am a scenarist I would really write this film for Jonathan…

  • Nov 22, 12Тамара says:  

    Хелен !!! У меня есть лишний журнал, если Вам надо, я могла-бы выслать Вам по почте, но это будет в конце этого месяца т.к. я сейчас работаю. скиньте мне адрес и я вышлю вам журнал.

  • Nov 23, 12sylvia says:  

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! This man can’t not take a bad photo.It just got so hot in here

  • Nov 25, 12Martina says:  

    Finally the best actor of the world…

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