Meyers, a premier manufacturer and design studio for product packaging, printed labels, and retail displays, announced today that it had reached its goal of powering 100 percent of its operations using carbon-free electricity sources by the end of 2021.

Last year, Meyers kicked off its commitment to dramatically reducing its carbon emissions by installing a solar array on the roof of the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis. Meyers also enrolled in Xcel Energy’s Renewable*Connect® (R*C) program, which provides participants with electricity from wind and solar sources. The R*C program allowed Meyers to expand its local purchasing of renewable energy, which had been ongoing for over a decade via Xcel Energy’s Windsource program. Meyers also obtained Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from a non-profit environmental organization in the Pacific Northwest, thereby fulfilling its commitment to using only carbon-free electricity.

“When we announced this sustainability initiative in October 2020, we knew it would be very difficult to accomplish in just fourteen months,” said Michael Dillon, Director of Marketing and Head of the Sustainability Committee. “We decided on a three-prong approach, generating some electricity onsite, sourcing as much as we could from our local utility, and acquiring additional RECs from carbon-free sources to fill any remaining gap. This pragmatic approach allowed us to make an impact as quickly as possible while still being cost-effective.”

Looking forward, Meyers plans to continue reducing its environmental impact wherever possible. This includes updates to its manufacturing equipment and facility to increase the use of sustainable materials, while decreasing waste and energy consumption. That includes upgrading all lights within our facility to use LED bulbs within 2022. Meyers also continues to explore the most sustainable materials to ensure its clients have access to recycled and recyclable content, including alternatives to single-use plastics. Lastly, Meyers continues to explore options for reaching fully carbon-neutral operations.

“Our switch to using carbon-free electricity will be the equivalent of more than 650 American homes getting their electricity solely from solar and wind power,” said Chris Dillon, President. “We know that carbon emissions are one of the major contributors to climate change and global warming, and that’s very troubling both to us and to many leading brands. Our clients want their partners and vendors throughout their supply chains to help build a future without these emissions. We’re proud that our recycling, waste reduction, and energy usage goals will contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

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