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Leading CPG Brands Can Embed RFID Within Primary Product Labels via Meyers’ New Technology

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New Offering Improves Branding, Shelf Appeal, and Logistics for CPGs with RFID Packaging

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (August 9, 2023) – Meyers, an industry leader in innovative technology, has created a state-of-the-art RFID label offering that will improve quality, efficiency, and scalability of RFID label production. This offering eliminates the challenges most Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) brands face with RFID labels around branding and shelf appeal. One critical component of this new offering is an advanced RFID label press that embeds labels within existing primary pressure sensitive labels. The company has been producing labels and cards with RFID technology for nearly 20 years, including embedded RFID options that fully comply with Walmart’s requirements. The solutions offered by Meyers positions them at the forefront of the printing industry.

An RFID label is a special type of label that contains a tiny computer chip and small antenna and uses radio waves to communicate information to other devices. They’re often used in retail stores to keep track of inventory and provide information including price, product name, and even the location of the item. Unlike traditional labels which can convey only the information printed on them, RFID labels can transmit data wirelessly through radio waves and store and transmit dynamic information that can be updated in real-time.

“Throughout my time at Meyers, we’ve acquired numerous specialty presses,” said Dave McConnon, Chief Operating Officer at Meyers. “However, this one stands out in the industry because the technology is custom fitted to what we want to do for CPG brands as they integrate RFID into their prime labels and other types of packaging. It will allow our team to forge new pathways to achieve these goals much more quickly and reliably than before.”

The greatest challenge most CPG brands face with RFID labels is their lack of integration within existing labels, making it necessary to purchase separate Ultra High Frequency RFID labels. The newly acquired RFID label technology eliminates that extra step, saving brands time, money, and improving inventory accuracy. Meyers offers its customers a wide range of RFID label options that best fit their brand, tailoring the labels to match the customer’s branding. While Walmart requires its vendors to use

RFID labeling for home goods, sporting goods, electronics, and toys, the Health and Beauty industry’s use of RFID labeling is forecast to grow in the future.

“We often hear from the market that brands are faced with a choice between easy and cheap RFID labels that pollutes their branding or the challenge of finding a reliable vendor for expensive custom solutions,” said Chris Dillon, Chief Executive Officer of Meyers. “Our new offering creates a cost-effective solution, seamlessly embedding RFID labels into existing prime labels, giving our customers the best of both worlds. We’ve very proud that we’re making things easy for CPG brands through these solutions and capabilities – it underscores our commitment to being the best supplier in our industry to work with.”

Meyers’ vision for the future of smart packaging includes unlocking new potential in UHF RFID labels for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Through cutting-edge research and innovative technologies, Meyer aims to revolutionize the traditional use of UHF RFID labels, transforming them into powerful tools for CPG brands to optimize their supply chains, enhance inventory management, and enrich customer experiences.

“This technology represents a significant leap forward in terms of quality control and process engineering,” said Matt Evers, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Quality at Meyers. “In terms of price and timeline, it will streamline the process of delivering exactly what our customers desire.”

Meyers is proud of its track record of being an industry leader in innovation and customer service, and the new RFID label printing press underscores that commitment by creating an affordable solution for modern CPG brands to address their most pressing labeling challenges.


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