August 26th, 2015

I know many of you will have seen the picture of Jonny meeting with producer Kevin McGann last week in London but an Irish newspaper has picked up the story and has also announced new additions to the cast. Should he accept the role he will be joining the newly announced Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey), Colin Morgan (Merlin) and David O’Hara who starred alongside him in The Tudors as Henry Howard. It is not yet known what the role will be but it is believed to be a pivotal one. Hoping to hear more on this soon!

The Cork native met producer Kevin McCann in London to discuss his involvement in the film, which is slated for release on St Patrick’s Day. Rhys Meyers previously played the assassin that shot Liam Neeson’s Michael Collins in Neil Jordan’s 1996 film about the revolutionary leader.

Filming is due to begin in October and McCann has spent the last few weeks on a promotional tour in the US to “gain financial interest from investors”

Source; The Herald

August 17th, 2015

After years of trying to get my hands on this I am so happy to finally say I have uploaded captures from Happy Now. The film was released back in 2001 where Jonny plays Mark Wraith. The quality isn’t fabulous but considering it’s nearly 15 years ago since it’s release I think it’s pretty decent. Enjoy!


Gallery Link:
Filmography > Happy Now > Screen Captures [+168]

August 9th, 2015

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control JRM Source has had to move to another host due to problems I can’t go into. One major change is that I have had to buy back the sites original URL which it first started out with. I am hoping once the issues that have stopped me from continuing to use the .com domain have been resolved I can buy it back. Our new domain is below this post so if you have us saved in your favourites/bookmarks/RSSFeeds please change it because as of tomorrow at 12pm Atlanta time, you will no longer be able to access the site using our old address. If anyone has any problems anywhere along the line with anything at all, please let me know as there is bound to be something that may have been overlooked – H x

New URL –

August 4th, 2015

Wow. Wow. The first Stonewall trailer has been released and we got our first look of Jonny in the film and I have to say I am so pleased at how much he was shown in it. I have attached the trailer and uploaded high quality captures from his scenes to the gallery. As you will of probably heard Stonewall will be heading to TIFF to close the 2015 festival, unfortunately due to other commitments Jonathan will not be attending


Gallery Link:
Filmography > Stonewall > Trailer #001 [+018]

August 4th, 2015

I have added some high quality images to the gallery of Jonny leaving the Dear Lupin Press Night with a couple more following later on today


Gallery Link:
Candids > 2015 > Leaving Dear Lupin Press Night [+004]

August 3rd, 2015

Jonny is currently attending the opening night of Dear Lupin at the The Apollo Theatre in London. So far 2 high quality pictures have been added to the gallery but hopefully more will surface later on tonight

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > 2015 > Dear Lupin Press Night [+002]

August 3rd, 2015

A new still from the film has also been added to the gallery along with an exisiting one and both will be replaced with high quality when possible

Gallery Link:
Filmography > Damascus Cover > Stills [+002]

July 28th, 2015

TIFF has just recently announced the films set to premiere at this years Toronto film festival. Among the lineup is Jonathan’s new film Stonewall, which has been chosen to show alongside some hotly anticipated films shortly before its American release on September 25th. No exact date as to when it will be shown has yet been announced but the list is expected to follow along with those who will be attending

July 27th, 2015

Today Jonathan is celebrating his 38th birthday and I would like to wish him as always, a very Happy Birthday. I hope he also has a wonderful day and gets lots of gifts as he is one of the people who deserves it most. I would also like to take the chance to thank everyone who contributed to this years birthday gift/project. The grand total that was raised for Los Angeles Mission in Jonnys name was £587 so again, a massive thankyou! Feel free to leave a birthday wish within the comments



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